Service Trucks for Equipment Dealers

Technicians in the heavy equipment dealer industry are in an ever-changing environment where needs from one day to the next can change drastically. Whether in construction, mining, industrial or agricultural industries, technicians need service trucks that can step up to any need. Equipment dealers need service trucks that are durable enough to work in harsh work environments for long periods. Many of our equipment dealers find that their technicians are working long days and often in the dark. That is why the technicians must have scene lighting and enough room to keep tools and parts to be prepared for any job. At Summit Truck Bodies, we offer work truck products that can fit the demands of many different types of repair and service work. We equip service truck bodies with the right tools for each job, such as welders, air compressors, and lube systems. For equipment service technicians working in remote areas, having the right tools and parts is a necessity, but so is safety. All Summit service trucks for equipment dealers are designed and built with safety as a top priority. Crane trucks come standard with our Advanced Safety Electronics Sytems to ensure the efficiency and safe operation of the crane. Crane operators can operate not only their crane but also the outriggers, PTO, engine, and lights using the control system. Equipment dealers may also incorporate the telematics data into their fleet management solutions.