Fleet Leasing and Rental

“Volatile demand” has been a good descriptor for fleet leasing and rental services over the last several years. Companies that lease and rent utility body trucks, heavy equipment, and other machinery have relied on service body manufacturers to answer the call of their demand. Summit Truck Bodies has provided service truck bodies needed for construction, oil, and gas, rail service, or utilities. The much-needed vehicles and accessories required to do repair and maintenance on rental fleets need to be durable and built strong enough to perform in a variety of work environments. Rental companies send their equipment to urban construction sites, remote mines, or deep in the forest, so they need a service truck to get the job no matter where it is.

The fleet leasing and rental industry have relied on Summit to provide a variety of safe, durable, and versatile equipment. INcluding, mechanic service truck, crane truck, canopy body, flatbed body with knuckle boom cranes, fuel and lube truck, lube trailer, and lube skid. Summit proudly provides each of these custom utility truck beds designed to fit the fleet leasing and rental company’s needs. Not only that, but our Advanced Safety Electronics crane control system can integrate to share essential data to fleet management solutions.