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In this day in age everyone is in a hurry and many people don't have the time to go get everything they need for their vehicle. Therefore, we wanted to extend our business to the virtual world where customers can shop 24/7 for Factory Summit OEM Parts.   If you are ever unsure about the OEM Summit Parts you're ordering we are here to help. If you get stuck call us at 785-989-3100 we would be happy to walk you through every step of the process.  Lastly, if you're currently reading this we want to Thank You for visiting !

SuperNova® NexGen™ 4″ Dual-System LED Backup Lamp

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SuperNova® NexGen™ 4″ Dual-System LED Backup Lamp – 60291-3

  • Fits standard 4″ lamp grommets and brackets
  • Hermetically sealed lamp prevents water intrusion
  • Requires two lamps to meet backup function
  • Encapsulant potting for total circuit-board protection
  • Flanged lamps require no additional mounting brackets

Technical Specifications

  • Material: ABS/Acrylic
  • FMVSS: (2) R
  • Color: Clear
  • Voltage Amp: 12V / .55A