Lube Skids

Summit preventative maintenance lube skids provide greater flexibility at a lower cost than a dedicated lube truck and lube trailer. You can store it at the shop and quickly load it into your service truck cargo are when you need it.  Our most popular standard lube skid configurations include 40/40 poly, quad 60 poly, and 50/50/100. You can start with one of these or custom design to accommodate your specific needs from the ground up. Reels, nozzles and pumps, air compressors can all be part of the lube skid package. Consider adding a reel box to your side pack to keep reels protected and out of the way when you are not using the lube skids.

4 Series

Our light-duty service truck body is 9′ long with a 6″ bolt-on bumper and designed for an 11.5K GVWR chassis. It has 50″ tall and 20″ deep compartments on the drivers and passenger side packs. This truck body is for those who want Summit quality manufacturing but do not need a medium-heavy duty service truck. The standard 4 Series service body has 101 cu ft of storage and adjustable shelving to store and organize your tools and equipment. Grab handles, tow hitch, trailer plug, backup alarm, LED compartment, and work lights are optional from other body manufacturers; however, these are standard on all Summit service truck bodies. So, if you need to add a light-duty service truck body to your fleet, we can help!

Man-Bucket Service Truck

Summit’s Man Bucket service truck makes storage and use of our man-bucket easy. It has a conveniently located storage platform to stow the man-bucket and attachments. Therefore the man-bucket can be quickly attached to the crane when needed.  Our Advanced Safety Electronics control system has a man-bucket mode that simplifies the safe operation of the man-bucket. Also, the man bucket comes with a safety harness and a lowering device. The optional feature meets ASME and ANSI safety standards.  In addition to the man bucket, we offer a jib winch. The jib winch increases the versatility of your service truck by giving technicians the ability to complete a two-person job on their own. In short, the Summit man bucket service truck will increase job site safety and performance.


20 Series

Our 20 Series-heavy-duty service body is the mobile mechanic’s dream. It is made from 10 Ga. galvannealed steel body and aluminum doors.  Mounted on a chassis with a 66,000 GVWR, the body measures 18.5’. The 300 cu ft compartment storage and large cargo area will carry many custom features suited to any industry application. Summit’s 20 Series truck body handles a 14K  capacity crane to help technicians perform heavy lifts safely.  When it comes down to it, no two Summit’s 20 Series service truck bodies have been alike. Our custom body design process begins with your needs and desired specifications. From there, we design your truck body and provide a blueprint that requires your approval. Then we will send your truck body to the production floor.  From there, our skilled workers will complete your new service truck with the attention to detail and quality that you expect from Summit.

Furthermore, all truck bodies with hydraulic service cranes come equipped with our Advanced Safety Electronics (ASE) control system. ASE fully integrates the safe operation and monitoring of the crane, outriggers, PTO, and more. Built-in safety features reduce job site hazards and give operators real-time LMI data.  Additionally, you can incorporate the telematics data with your fleet management solution. Overall, the Summit 20 Series heavy-duty service body is the ultimate mobile shop taking you where you need to go to get the job done in the most arduous conditions safely.

LP Crane Truck

Meet the LP Crane Truck – manufactured by Summit Truck Bodies and sold by Transwest Trailers. Summit Truck Bodies uses leading edge design and manufacturing techniques to ensure the highest in quality and customer satisfaction. You can find the LP Crane Truck at any Transwest Trailers location across the United States.

LPG Bobtail

Meet the LPG Bobtail – sold by Transwest Trailers and manufactured by Summit Truck Bodies to fulfill the needs of the propane industry.

Commercial Van Upfits

Let our custom upfit team help design the right commercial van for your fleet. Each van is custom upfitted to meet your needs no matter what industry you’re in. All upfit layouts are designed with lightweight and durable solutions to maximize your additional payload. We can help your company work smarter, safer and more efficiently with a custom van upfit by Summit.

Gunnison Edition

Summit’s Gunnison Edition 4×4 service truck is a custom design for those who face the challenge of working on rough terrain. The lift and other suspension modifications and military-grade wheels and tires make remote and rugged job sites more accessible. Based on our 7 Series, the body will mount on 19,500-22,500 GVWR chassis and carry up to a 7529 crane.  We’ve also added a heavy-duty front bumper and cab steps to add durability. We can add other optional accessories as needed for your application.


Canopy Body

Summit’s medium-duty canopy body is easily accessible and makes keeping cargo organized effortlessly.  And, technicians can stay protected and productive year-round.  Add any lube systems or other accessories needed for your application.

Weld Line Bore Service Truck

Summit’s custom-designed weld line bore service trucks make specialized weld and line boring work efficient.   The 14′ line bore truck body is mounted on a heavy-duty chassis resulting in a higher payload. Therefore, the body has ample space for the tools and equipment needed such as weld machines and bore bar storage.  In addition, the body can handle a hydraulic crane with a 12,000 lbs max lifting capacity.  As always, with all crane trucks, we will install our  Advanced Safety Electronics crane control system.  In other words, Summit’s Line Bore service truck gets the job done safely.