• Advanced Safety Electronics (ASE)
      • Incorporate telematics data with your fleet management solution.
      • Operate and monitor the crane, outriggers, engine, PTO, air compressor, hydraulics, and lights.
      • Defines crane functionality under unsafe operating conditions protecting personnel and assets.
      • Increased OSHA DART scores & increased ROI.
      • Display Load Moment Indicator (LMI) data in real-time.
      • Display alerts in easy to read text: eg. oil temp, outriggers successfully deployed, crane overload, etc.
      • Self-diagnostic checks upon startup and during operation.
      • Systems control: made in America, military-grade switches, solid-state componentry, and IP66 water & dustproof.
      • J1939 based communication.
      • Standard on all hydraulic crane service trucks.
  • ASE Main Control Panel
  • ASE Mini Control Panel
  • ASE Wireless Remote Control
  • Hydraulic System
  • Air Compressor System
  • Tool Boxes
  • Light & Electrical Package



Body Weight 3,295 lbs.
Width 94"
Length 11'
Body Rating 38,000 lbs.
Materials 12 Ga. steel
Cargo Deck
Width 50"
Depth 134"
Height 40'',50'', or 62"
Depth 22"
Other Dimensions
Workbench Depth 18'' or 24"
Tailgate Height 12"
Storage Capacity 150 cu. ft