• A.S.E. (Advanced Safety Electronics)
      • Defines crane functionality under unsafe operating conditions protecting personnel and assets.
      • Benefits: Increased OSHA D.A.R.T Scores & increased R.O.I.
      • Displays LMI (Load Moment Indicator) in real-time.
      • Displays alerts in plain text; eg. oil temp, outriggers not deployed, crane overload, etc.
      • Self-diagnostic checks upon startup and during operation.
      • Systems controls; made in America, military grade switches, solid state componentry, and IP66 water & dust proof
      • J1939 based communication
      • Standard on all hydraulic crane service trucks.
      STE ASE Flyer 2019
  • A.S.E. - Main Control Panel (rear of truck)
  • A.S.E. - Mini Control Panel (in-cab)
  • A.S.E. - Wireless Remote Control