ASE Phase 4 wireless remote

Advanced Safety Electronics

ASE Phase 4

Summit’s innovative Advanced Safety Electronics (ASE) Phase 4 control system has elevated jobsite safety and performance.

We’ve combined crane, body, and chassis operations with functional safety using a network of switches and sensors to communicate data.

Advanced Safety Electronics reduces the risks of working in hazardous conditions, takes the guesswork out of crane operation with automated protection features, and gives you information to make safe decisions. Based on the robust J1939 Protocol, we can incorporate the telematics data into your fleet management solution.


Our industry-leading control system provides more functionality and information to elevate job site safety and performance.

We have incorporated crane capacity and zone charts in the system to help minimize the risks field service mechanics often face. Built-in protection features prevent crane operation in unsafe conditions and movement of the crane that exceeds load limits.

Our simple-to-use system has three convenient user interfaces to make your job easier and more efficient. The main panel and the crane remote are in the rear compartment, and a six-button panel is in the cab. You get a higher level of performance and control when and where you need it.

ASE Phase 4 in use
summit service truck cranes controls system with LMI data
summit crane control panel home screen

Outrigger Control

Stand back to deploy and stow your outriggers and stabilizers from the crane remote control.

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ASE Phase 4 crane remote outrigger screen cut out with transparent background

LMI Data

When operating the crane with your wireless remote, you have all the information needed to make quick, informed decisions about safe load handling.

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ASE phase 4 remote LMI data cut out and transparent background

Main Control Panel

You can operate and monitor outriggers, crane, lighting, hydraulics, and more from our easy-to-read push-button display panel in the rear crane compartment.

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ASE Phase 4 main control panel home screen, cut-out transparent

Crane Control & LMI Data

Operate the crane and monitor real-time LMI data on the main control panel.

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Summit crane control panel - cut out crane control screen

Cab Control Panel

A small push-button panel in the cab controls the PTO and lights. You’ll also get audible and visual alert notifications. For instance, if you forget to stow your crane remote and try to leave the jobsite, the panel will signal you with repeated beeps and flashes. Go back to the main panel to resolve the issue.

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ASE Phase 4 cab control panel transparent

ASE Phase 4 Features

  • Adavanced Safety Electroncs Phase 4

    • Operate and monitor the crane, outriggers, engine, PTO, AC, hydraulics, and lights.
    • Programmed protection features prevent crane operation under unsafe operating conditions.
    • Real-time load moment indicator (LMI) data is displayed on the main panel and wireless remote control.
    • Displays alert in plain text, e.g., oil temp, outriggers not deployed, crane overload, etc.
    • Self-diagnostic checks upon start-up and during operation.
    • System controls made in America with military-grade switches have solid-state componentry and are IP66 water & dustproof.
    • J1939 Protocol-based communication
    • We can incorporate telematics data into your fleet management solution.
    • ASE is standard on all hydraulic crane service trucks.
  • Main Control Panel

    • Easy to use and read push-button digital display panel
    • Digital graphic display of LMI data
    • Start/stop the truck engine
    • Engage PTO
    • Engage air compressor
    • Auto-deploy & stow outriggers, and level the truck 
    • Auto-stow crane
    • PTO hour meter display
    • Decreases crane rotate speed when heavy loads are detected
    • Control all body lights 
    • Novice mode setting; often used as a training feature
    • Five auxiliary functions are available
    • Perimeter protection functionality
    • Access to historical time and date stamped alerts and events
    • Man-bucket operation mode
  • Wireless Remote Control

    • The digital display monitor communicates real-time diagnostics, LMI data, and alerts.
    • Fully proportional joysticks with built-in detents to assist in guiding crane controls
    • Auto-deploy & stow outriggers 
    • The built-in rumble pack warns you when approaching load limits.
    • Start/stop the truck engine 
    • Start/stop air compressor & increase idle switch
    • The time-out feature deactivates controls when not in use for a selected period.
    • The safety drop accelerometer deactivates crane controls when a fall is detected.
    • Battery life indicator displayed
    • Auxiliary switch
    • Small, lightweight design
    • Three handling options: Pistol grip, belt clip, and shoulder harness
    • Power by four AA alkaline batteries
    • Robust magnet
  • Cab Control Panel

    • PTO control
    • Lighting control
    • Auxiliary switches eliminate the need for chassis up-fitter switches
    • The control system alerts are indicated audibly and visually, with beeps and flashing lights. 
      • Wireless remote missing alert
      • Boom not stowed
      • Outriggers not stowed