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We have answered the call of the booming construction industry to provide fuel & lube truck bodies and service trucks for construction companies that will reliably and safely get the job done. 

As contracts are awarded for construction projects for oil and gas, transmission and power, and infrastructure, the demand for mechanics trucks follows. For instance, project managers need field technicians to maintain and repair equipment, requiring service trucks to be effective in many different work environments.


Field mechanics maintain infrastructure, including heavy equipment, generators, vehicles, and various mechanical equipment used in the construction industry. 

Therefore, Summit manufactures medium- to heavy-duty custom service trucks and durable crane truck bodies with options technicians use regularly.  Plus, we can design and build you a construction work truck with storage and accessories. Field mechanics always have the necessary parts and tools to maximize equipment uptime and keep construction projects moving forward. Meanwhile, we incorporate features to help technicians be more productive and reduce the hazards of working on a construction site.

Our service trucks for construction industry companies are designed with safety in mind, and we’ve incorporated our Advanced Safety Electronics control system on hydraulic crane truck bodies. 

Summit’s ASE control system is easy to use, convenient, and takes the guesswork out of crane operation and job site safety. We have programmed crane capacity and stability charts into the system to prevent crane use in unsafe conditions. In addition, overload protection features warn you when approaching load limits and will stop crane movement when you exceed limits.

The Process

Service trucks for construction industry businesses are a vital investment. With this in mind, our sales reps work closely with you throughout the buying process to ensure you get exactly what you need.

First, you will select the proper chassis, body, crane, and accessories required for your application. Next, your sales rep will provide a quote and details about your service or lube truck. At this point, we can also look at loan and lease options with our finance company.

After approving the quote, you receive 2D drawings and 3D graphics to sign off on before we create a work order. Once the work order is submitted, your new service or lube truck goes into production.

When your truck gets through production, you can come to pick it up at the factory, or we can arrange shipment.

We keep trucks in stock for when you need a work-ready mechanics truck fast. If you need additional work truck accessories, we can add them quickly.

Crane Services for Construction Industry

Construction Industry Testimonial

"What sold us on a Summit truck was the willingness to help make our vision come to fruition in a timely manner. Summit gave us enough room in the new truck for more tools and the ability to keep more parts in stock out in the field. This service truck has helped me work more efficiently and take on larger jobs that wouldn't have been possible with my old service truck. And, the number of compliments I get pulling into job sites and truck stops across the state is too many to count; it's definitely a head-turning truck."

Mike Dooley

Maintenance Technician, McNally Nimergood Co.

barwis construction service truck body

Construction Industry Testimonial

"We found Summit to be a high-quality, well-thought-through service truck body manufacturer. I needed cabinets built a certain way, and their engineers accommodated my requests to make everything fit and keep the cabinets organized. The ease of completing my job tasks increased dramatically, and I feel safer knowing the weight of what I am picking. Summit wants to see its customers are satisfied and work to the best of their abilities to accommodate requests."

Ryan Herring

Lead Technician, Barwis Construction

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We have many accessories and options to ensure your Summit truck is well-equipped, organized, and safe. Talk to your regional sales rep about custom-designed service truck bodies and lube equipment to meet your application needs.

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