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Elevate Your Equipment Uptime to New Heights

Our company specializes in designing fuel and lube truck bodies and service trucks for construction industry companies. With our reliable and safe solutions, we strive to cater to the most challenging projects in the constantly growing construction industry.

As the construction industry expands, the demand for high-quality service trucks rises. In order to maintain and repair equipment, project managers rely on skilled field technicians. Therefore, service trucks and field mechanics must perform effectively in diverse work environments.

Importantly, we understand the crucial role of field mechanics in maintaining heavy equipment, generators, vehicles, and mechanical tools used in construction. Accordingly, we specialize in creating durable custom service trucks and lube trucks that meet the unique demands of companies in the construction industry. We’ll work with you to create a custom construction work truck with plenty of storage, tools, and accessories. This ensures that your field mechanics always have what they need to keep your equipment running smoothly and your construction projects on track.

Keep equipment maintenance from bringing your work to a standstill. With this in mind, trust us to help you create a work truck that meets your needs.

Additionally, we understand that safety is paramount on construction job sites. Therefore, we’re equipping all our hydraulic crane trucks with the Advanced Safety Electronics (ASE) crane control system. This user-friendly system prioritizes productivity and safety, incorporating features that enhance efficiency and minimize hazards on construction sites. Firstly, with crane capacity and stability charts programmed into our system, we proactively prevent unsafe crane use. Additionally, ASE includes overload protection features that issue timely warnings as you approach load limits and automatically halt crane movement if those limits are exceeded. As a result, the safety system provides an added layer of protection for construction workers, ensuring they can work safely and efficiently.

Choose Summit for construction service trucks that not only meet but exceed expectations. Elevate your construction projects with our innovative solutions, where safety, reliability, and unmatched performance converge. In summary, your success is our priority.

The Process

Service trucks for construction industry businesses are a vital investment. Therefore, our sales team is committed to working closely with you throughout the purchasing process to ensure you get precisely what you need.

To begin, you will select the appropriate chassis, body, crane, and accessories required for your application. After that, your sales representative will provide a quote and information about your service or lube truck. Moreover, we can also explore loan and lease options with our finance company.

Secondly, you approve the quote, and we will send you your truck's 2D drawings and 3D graphics. Subsequently, you will review and approve them before we generate a work order to initiate the production of your new truck.

Once the production of your truck is complete, you can either pick it up at the factory or we can arrange shipment for your convenience.

Lastly, our customer support team is always available to provide technical service and supply parts and accessories for your service truck.

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Construction Industry Testimonial

"What sold us on a Summit truck was the willingness to help make our vision come to fruition in a timely manner. Summit gave us enough room in the new truck for more tools and the ability to keep more parts in stock out in the field. This service truck has helped me work more efficiently and take on larger jobs that wouldn't have been possible with my old service truck. And, the number of compliments I get pulling into job sites and truck stops across the state is too many to count; it's definitely a head-turning truck."

Mike Dooley

Maintenance Technician, McNally Nimergood Co.

barwis construction service truck body

Construction Industry Testimonial

"We found Summit to be a high-quality, well-thought-through service truck body manufacturer. I needed cabinets built a certain way, and their engineers accommodated my requests to make everything fit and keep the cabinets organized. The ease of completing my job tasks increased dramatically, and I feel safer knowing the weight of what I am picking. Summit wants to see its customers are satisfied and work to the best of their abilities to accommodate requests."

Ryan Herring

Lead Technician, Barwis Construction

20 Series service truck bodies

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Explore a vast selection of accessories and options that can enhance the versatility of service trucks for construction. Meanwhile, you can learn how our custom service trucks can improve safety and performance by talking to your dedicated sales representative. Moreover, our customized solutions can assist mechanics in maximizing equipment uptime. Together let’s build the perfect service truck bodies and lube equipment — designed exclusively for your success.

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