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Service Truck Bodies

Summit Truck Bodies engineers and manufactures custom lube and service truck bodies to meet the demands of field service work.

No matter your work environment, we can provide you with robust and durable truck bodies that you can rely on to get the job done efficiently and safely.

We’ll custom design and build a mechanics truck or lube maintenance truck to your specifications using premium materials and quality manufacturing. On top of that, we produce truck cranes, lube equipment, tool drawer packs, and bolt bins.

Afterward, we extend superior after-the-sale support to ensure your Summit truck works hard for you.


The Summit Advantage

We are your ultimate one-stop shop in service and lube truck solutions. When you buy a Summit truck, you work with a regional sales rep. You get a quality product that is engineered & custom-designed with safety and your needs in mind. Additionally, we offer in-house financing and give unsurpassed support after the sale.

Our Products

We want to be your single-source solution for your lube and service truck needs.

We deliver high-quality custom service and lube truck bodies built to face the challenges of the field service industry. You dream it. We build it. 

We provide you with the best after-the-sale parts and service in the industry.

We have a range of Summit-produced cranes & drawer systems, plus premium service truck components such as air compressors, welders, and all-in-one power units available when you need them.

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Customer Support

Our factory-direct parts and service departments are just a quick call or email away. We understand your service truck’s role in your business operations, so we offer 24-hour technical support. You read that right; avoid the middleman and call the factory. Our support team has all the information needed at their fingertips to keep your Summit truck body running at peak performance.

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Available Inventory

Need a service truck fast? See the work-ready service trucks and truck bodies we have in stock.

2021 Summit Truck Bodies 4 Series

2021 Summit Truck Bodies 4 Series

SKU: LW20028

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2021 Summit Truck Bodies 4 Series

2021 Summit Truck Bodies 4 Series

SKU: LW20026

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2016 Summit Truck Bodies 7 Series

1973 International Loadstar 4x2

SKU: 6B1604603

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2023 Summit Truck Bodies Open Lube Skid

2023 Summit Truck Bodies Open Lube Skid

SKU: LS0825

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2023 Summit Truck Bodies Van Upfit

2023 Ford 350 Transit Van 4x2

SKU: UF40022

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service trucks for heavy equipment repair companies


"My Summit truck bodies are the central pillar in my equipment repair business. Over other service bodies, I choose Summit because of the craftsmanship, engineering, and finished product. Not only do I want a functioning and reliable truck, but a good-looking one. They are part of the "face" of my business, and I know Summit is the only choice for that. They are just as passionate about building a top-shelf service truck as I am about operating out of one. Personable customer service and superior tech support are other benefits to owning a Summit body."

Matt Youngberg

Co-owner, Wyoming Equipment Solutions

oil and gas industry service truck


"Everything about Summit bodies is top-notch. They don't take shortcuts and pay the most attention to details beyond any other truck body manufacturer. The non-believers need to take any service truck of their choosing and park it next to a Summit, and they will easily see the difference. Plus, they have the best customer service. Duston and the rest of the service department always answer my calls, plus my salesman is the greatest. To me, that makes Summit a step above the rest!"

Kevin Carl

Rotating Equipment Supervisor, Alliance Field Services

service truck for agriculture equipment repair


"I love the quality craftsmanship of the Summit truck body and drawers; and the ability to customize my truck as I wanted. The conveniences in the design and functionality have made me a better and more efficient mechanic. Working with the friendly people at Summit is easy, and the partnership with Yellow Frog Graphics to wrap my truck made Summit a one-stop shop. To top it off, the local ag dealers are jealous of my truck because none of them have anything as nice!"

Mark Miller

Owner, MNM Ag Repair

service truck for equipment repair companies


"Summit's willingness to customize the body to meet my needs was an initial big selling point. But now, the service department is most significant to keep me coming back. They go above and beyond to keep us working. Summit's attention to safety in every part of the body and crane is great for me. I have two other trucks running, so knowing my employees can't overload their crane because they can see what the crane can pick and what the load weighs as they pick it up in real-time is valuable to me."

Keith Rollins

Owner, Rollins Mechanical Inc.


"We decided to find a service truck company that can provide us with a turn-key solution. I researched every company and kept going back to the Summit website. No other manufacturer offered a body with standard options like the 7 Series body. I went into this blind because I never had a chance to put my hands on the product before purchasing it. When the truck finally arrived, we knew we had made the right decision. Doing business with Summit was easy. They had the truck in stock and offered the financing we needed. The quality of the service body and crane, the engineering and thought put into this product, shows that Summit is tuned into the service truck business. Other benefits, dealing directly with the manufacturer keeps the price down, and service and parts needs are taken care of quickly by the people that build the product."

Rick Brandenstein

President, Interstate Generator Inc.


"Hugg & Hall Equipment Company Little Rock bought their first Summit truck body in 2010. We have found these are the highest quality service bodies and cranes we have ever owned. The parts support offered by Summit is second to no one. Summit truly sets the standard in after-sale support. Our salesman is always just a phone call away. They help us spec the correct truck, body, and crane for the expected use of the truck. Many of our customers call me and ask which service truck body is the best; I explain that Summit is the premium body and crane. Summit makes the purchase process very simple and streamlined. I like buying the chassis, body, crane, compressor, and welder from Summit; when the truck arrives, it is ready to go to work. One PO and done. I want to thank the many employees that spec and build our service trucks. I see their hard work every time I open one of the doors on our service trucks. Thanks to all."

Daniel Cunningham

Field Service Manager, Hugg & Hall Equipment Co.


"Our first Summit service body was purchased in 2007 and is still in service, a testimony to well-built equipment. We tried another brand and came back to Summit. The bodies are durable with no signs of fatigue which allows re-chassis. Extended life = lower life-cycle costs. We call our Summit units "Mobile Shops" because we can accomplish most repairs in the field. The remote-controlled crane, powered outriggers, central locking system, air compressor, and generator/welder allows our technicians to provide a wide range of capabilities while providing maximum value for our customer. We are pleased to recommend Summit Truck Bodies!"

Tom Armstrong

President, Andress Engineering

service truck bodies for equipment dealers


"There are a lot of good products out there, and Summit is certainly one of the best. They are responsive to the sales and the product support end of the business and make it easy to do business with them. I believe what impressed me most as we went through the process with the initial truck package was that Summit listened to my concerns. My account representative took the time to understand what I wanted and what I was trying to achieve. I don't believe I ever heard "we can't do that" or "you'll have to settle for this." They helped me find a solution; that has value to me. We can depend on them to help us when we're down, respond quickly, and get us back up and running so we can do the same for our customers. That's what's important, and Summit has done a good job delivering."

Steve Deller

Product Support Manager, West Side Tractor Sales

service truck for a municipality


"The willingness to work with our vendors directly to meet our needs as efficiently as possible, customization, and quality led us to buy Summit. Our sales rep was extremely knowledgeable about the process and product. And the truck was finished and delivered ahead of schedule! Their customer service is excellent! When calling with questions or support needs, I could talk with staff immediately—great communication and adaptability from our service rep. All follow-ups from Summit were timely and accurate."

Justin Duchscher

Fleet Services Senior Manager, Pitkin County


"Power Equipment Company has long been a satisfied buyer from Summit Truck Bodies. Summit provides us with the ability to customize our service truck bodies to accommodate our specific requirements. Over the years, Summit has continued to be innovative by providing quality solutions ahead of the industry. We greatly appreciate the high level of support from the Summit team. We have trust and confidence that the service trucks that we have from Summit will allow us the ability to deliver exceptional customer service to our customers."

William Plessman

VP of Operations, Power Equipment Company


"After dealing with the Summit team, we have a new outlook on what level of detail goes into a truck of this caliber. Everything we asked for was looked at with a "yes we can attitude," They came through 100%. The abilities of the body and crane amaze me every day. I will recommend Summit until they put me in the ground."

Ray Campany

Heavy Equipment Mechanic, Richards Forest Products


"We buy the Summit product for several reasons, but the first is the salesman, who has been extremely helpful and honest throughout every truck purchase. Second is the body that holds up better than competitor bodies we have run in the past. The life span exceeds our expectations. Salt from the roads takes longer to penetrate the bodies creating rust spots and other blemishes we strive to reduce in our business. Therefore, we spend the extra money on the Summit product to enhance our image. The level of service is the final reason; when we have an issue with a body or an option, the Summit team is more than willing to go the extra mile to support our business. Top-of-the-line quality, personal touch, and exceptional service from start to finish. "

Josh Clark

Branch Manager, Monroe Tractor-Latham

Crane Services for Construction Industry


"What sold us on a Summit truck was the willingness to help make our vision come to fruition in a timely manner. Summit gave us enough room in the new truck for more tools and the ability to keep more parts in stock out in the field. This service truck has helped me work more efficiently and take on larger jobs that wouldn't have been possible with my old service truck. And, the number of compliments I get pulling into job sites and truck stops across the state is too many to count; it's definitely a head-turning truck."

Mike Dooley

Maintenance Technician, McNally Nimergood Co.

barwis construction service truck body


"We found Summit to be a high-quality, well-thought-through service truck body manufacturer. I needed cabinets built a certain way, and their engineers accommodated my requests to make everything fit and keep the cabinets organized. The ease of completing my job tasks increased dramatically, and I feel safer knowing the weight of what I am picking. Summit wants to see its customers are satisfied and work to the best of their abilities to accommodate requests."

Ryan Herring

Lead Technician, Barwis Construction

service truck bodies for equipment dealers


"The Summit crane is outstanding. With over 16 years of being a field mechanic, I've used most of the cranes on the market, and it's the best one I've ever used. The controller visually gives the operator important information through the display and uses vibration as a tactile signal. Knowing how much weight you have on the hook and how much more weight you can safely lift is beneficial. There's no guessing if the crane can handle the load you are picking. The crane controller will tell you everything. That's working smart and safe."

Korey Wygal

Heavy Equipment Mechanic, Volvo Construction Equipment & Services

electric crane on service truck bodies for equipment dealers


"The quality of workmanship from Summit has been great. They are dependable and well-laid-out truck bodies. We were interested in a combo service and PM body, and Summit took our ideas and developed exactly the truck we requested. Our technicians love the custom design that has made them more productive and efficient while helping to reduce contamination and leakage. I've been purchasing trucks from Summit for over ten years and recommend Summit."

Mike Murphy

Product Support, Beard Equipment Co.

service truck for railroad


"I work for Savage Services at a CSX rail yard in New Castle, PA; we service rail yards within a 100-mile radius. Summit bodies are exceptionally well built and functional down to the last detail and stand up to the cold northern climate. The service support team could not be more friendly and efficient in handling any issues or questions."

Bob Fleming

Locomotive Service Truck Driver (LST), Savage Services

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Summit Truck Bodies (STB) and Summit Truck Equipment (STE) are part of the Transwest Inc. family. STE is responsible for selling the service truck bodies and other products STB produces.
In addition, the Transwest family includes a finance company, chassis dealers, graphic design and wrap installation, specialty vehicle manufacturers, and auto, truck, trailer, and RV dealerships. Working with companies within our family helps us to serve our customers better.

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