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Side Pack & Compartment Options

service truck tool organizers

Check out our side pack and compartment options to keep your tools and parts readily available when needed. We can add service truck tool organizers during the design phase. 

Drawer packs, bolt bins, shelving, hose loopers, and j-hooks are some of the most common options, but we are open to adding whatever you need to make the most of your valuable storage space. Plus, many of our cargo and side pack options are available from our factory parts sales team.

Keep in mind, if we don’t have it listed or pictured on this page, it doesn’t mean we haven’t or can’t add the accessories you need. We are open to ideas that make working out of a service truck easier.

Some of the options are not available for all body models.

For example, some of the accessories are incompatible with the chassis or may be restricted due to a lack of space to install or mount a product.

Product Options

  • Aerosol Can Holder: Door

    • Sizes available to fit various compartment doors.

    Aerosol Can Holder: Shelf

    • We put an aerosol can shelf in the compartment you choose.

    Bolt Bins

    • Custom bolt bins are available to fit the compartment space you choose.

    Drawer Packs

    • Custom design a drawer pack to fit your needs with various drawer configurations, over widths, and heights.

    Drill Holders

    • An excellent option for you to retain your drills. Holders are mounted to the channel inside your side pack compartment.

    Gang Locks

    • Keep your compartments secured to prevent theft. All our truck bodies are built gang lock ready.

    Heated Compartments

    • A heated compartment keeps your tools warn, or you can heat an enclosed services body.


    • Fixed or swivel j-hook options secure to the u-channel inside your compartment.

    Keyless Entry

    • Make keep your compartments easy to secure.

    Non-potable Water Tank

    • Add a non-potable water tank with a drain to make washing up in the field easier.

    Outrigger Pads and Underbody Storage

    • Store your Outrigger pads in a convenient underbody location where you need them.

    Shelving with Dividers

    • Let us know which compartment you need to add or replace shelving at any time.

    Battery Shelf & Clothes Bar

    • You have often seen in the D1 compartment of the bodies to store chassis batteries and a bar to hang your gear.

    Chain Lockers

    • Turn your compartment into a chain locker with j hooks and Line-X protective coating.

    Line Bore Bar Storage

    • A great solution to storing bore bars.

    Pressurized Compartments

    • Keep your compartment free of dust and moisture to extend the useful life of your tools.

    Torch Bottle Compartment

    • Canadian torch bottle provisions
    • Burn plate
    • Welder storage
    • Lowered torch bottle compartment floor.

    Used Oil Filter Box

    • Keep your used filters contained in slide-out boxes. The boxes are easy to drain.

    Welder Cut-out Compartment

    • This option connects your cargo area welder with the welder compartment.

    Welder Storage Compartment

    • We extend the compartment to the cargo area to keep your welder enclosed.
  • Reel Boxes

    • Custom reel boxes to store your lube and welding reels out of the weather in a convenient location.

    Rigging Basket

    • Rigging baskets are a great way to store items in an underutilized space under your crane. Add a rigging basket to your body during the design phase.

    Cooler Holder

    • Holders to secure hard side cooler or water cooler to your side pack.

    Fire Extinguisher

    • Select a 5 lbs, 10 lbs, or 20 lbs fire extinguisher.


    • Honda EU 3000

    Grab Handles

    • A grab handle gives three contact points for the cargo area—custom sizes and locations.

    Ladder Rack: Front of Side Pack

    • Use the space between the body and chassis to store a ladder. Available on 8 -10 Series bodies.

    Power Inverters

    • Xantrex 2000W,3000W, and 5000W inverters are available with an optional battery charger.
    • Keep your inverter on a compartment shelf with an optional 115V GFCI outlet.

    Step: Cargo Pull-out step

    • Sometimes you need a boost to get your tools out of tall side pack shelves or tool drawers.

    Step: Wheel Well Step Bar & Grab Handle

    • This step option is a convenient and safe way to reach high inside your compartment or the top of your side pack.

    Trash Can Holder

    • The trash can holder doubles as a water cooler holder.

    Wheel Chocks with Holder

    • Store your wheel chocks on top of your side pack.

    Wheel Chocks with Side Pack Cut-out Storage

    • A handy way to keep your wheel chocks stored and utilize the space around your wheel well.
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Learn about pricing

Talk to your regional sales rep about the options for service truck tool organizers you need to help improve safety and productivity on the job site, or call our factory Parts Sales Department to add or replace many of the options.

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