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Welcome to Summit Truck Bodies, where we understand that the needs of equipment dealers are constantly evolving. In dynamic industries such as construction, mining, and agriculture, your field mechanics rely on specialized work trucks to meet their demands and maximize the uptime of vital equipment. Therefore, we are always attuned to the ever-changing needs of our clients.

In fact, at Summit Truck Bodies, we specialize in customization. Thus we tailor our service truck bodies to meet the specific requirements of your industry and job site. Our expertise lies in creating high-quality, durable service truck bodies for equipment dealers that seamlessly integrate into construction sites, mining pits, agricultural fields, and more. Additionally, we equip our truck bodies with a comprehensive package of cranes, accessories, and organizational options. As a result, your technicians work safely and efficiently.

Additionally, we have made the Advanced Safety Electronics (ASE) crane control system a standard key feature on our hydraulic service crane trucks. This user-friendly system is designed to enhance productivity and reduce worksite hazards. Nevertheless, by utilizing ASE, your team can access features that streamline operations, contributing to a safer working environment.

At Summit, we understand the importance of routine preventative maintenance and offer a range of customizable lube system add-ons and dedicated lube trucks to support your product maintenance teams. We design service and lube trucks to meet your needs, ensuring you have the right tools for the job. Moreover, our product offerings and services guarantee that your team can actively care for your customers’ equipment, conducting regular maintenance to ensure it operates at peak performance.

To elevate your dealership experience, Summit Truck Bodies is the perfect choice. Our exceptional service truck bodies not only meet but exceed the ever-evolving needs of equipment dealers. By providing top-notch tools and equipment, we empower your technicians to get the job done seamlessly, ensuring optimal equipment performance and delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction.

The Process

Investing in a service truck is crucial. Therefore, our sales team is committed to working closely with you throughout the purchasing process to ensure that you get precisely what you need.

To begin with, you will select the appropriate chassis, body, crane, and accessories required for your application. After that, your sales representative will provide a quote and information about your service or lube truck. Moreover, we can also explore loan and lease options with our finance company.

Once you approve the quote, we will send you 2D drawings and 3D graphics of your truck. Subsequently, you will review and approve them before we generate a work order to initiate the production of your new truck.

When the production of your truck is complete, you can either pick it up at the factory or we can arrange shipment for your convenience.

Lastly, our customer support team is always available to provide technical service and supply parts and accessories for your service truck.

Equipment Dealer Testimonial

"We buy the Summit product for several reasons, but the first is the salesman, who has been extremely helpful and honest throughout every truck purchase. Second is the body that holds up better than competitor bodies we have run in the past. The life span exceeds our expectations. Salt from the roads takes longer to penetrate the bodies creating rust spots and other blemishes we strive to reduce in our business. Therefore, we spend the extra money on the Summit product to enhance our image. The level of service is the final reason; when we have an issue with a body or an option, the Summit team is more than willing to go the extra mile to support our business. Top-of-the-line quality, personal touch, and exceptional service from start to finish. "

Josh Clark

Branch Manager, Monroe Tractor-Latham

Equipment Dealer Testimonial

"Power Equipment Company has long been a satisfied buyer from Summit Truck Bodies. Summit provides us with the ability to customize our service truck bodies to accommodate our specific requirements. Over the years, Summit has continued to be innovative by providing quality solutions ahead of the industry. We greatly appreciate the high level of support from the Summit team. We have trust and confidence that the service trucks that we have from Summit will allow us the ability to deliver exceptional customer service to our customers."

William Plessman

VP of Operations, Power Equipment Company

Equipment Dealer Testimonial

"Hugg & Hall Equipment Company Little Rock bought their first Summit truck body in 2010. We have found these are the highest quality service bodies and cranes we have ever owned. The parts support offered by Summit is second to no one. Summit truly sets the standard in after-sale support. Our salesman is always just a phone call away. They help us spec the correct truck, body, and crane for the expected use of the truck. Many of our customers call me and ask which service truck body is the best; I explain that Summit is the premium body and crane. Summit makes the purchase process very simple and streamlined. I like buying the chassis, body, crane, compressor, and welder from Summit; when the truck arrives, it is ready to go to work. One PO and done. I want to thank the many employees that spec and build our service trucks. I see their hard work every time I open one of the doors on our service trucks. Thanks to all."

Daniel Cunningham

Field Service Manager, Hugg & Hall Equipment Co.

electric crane on service truck bodies for equipment dealers

Equipment Dealer Testimonial

"The quality of workmanship from Summit has been great. They are dependable and well-laid-out truck bodies. We were interested in a combo service and PM body, and Summit took our ideas and developed exactly the truck we requested. Our technicians love the custom design that has made them more productive and efficient while helping to reduce contamination and leakage. I've been purchasing trucks from Summit for over ten years and recommend Summit."

Mike Murphy

Product Support, Beard Equipment Co.

service truck bodies for equipment dealers

Equipment Dealer Testimonial

"There are a lot of good products out there, and Summit is certainly one of the best. They are responsive to the sales and the product support end of the business and make it easy to do business with them. I believe what impressed me most as we went through the process with the initial truck package was that Summit listened to my concerns. My account representative took the time to understand what I wanted and what I was trying to achieve. I don't believe I ever heard "we can't do that" or "you'll have to settle for this." They helped me find a solution; that has value to me. We can depend on them to help us when we're down, respond quickly, and get us back up and running so we can do the same for our customers. That's what's important, and Summit has done a good job delivering."

Steve Deller

Product Support Manager, West Side Tractor Sales

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Discover a wide range of accessories and options that can strengthen your service trucks for equipment dealers. By speaking with your dedicated sales representative, you can learn how our customized service trucks can increase productivity. Nevertheless, our custom solutions can enhance equipment uptime, which in turn improves customer satisfaction. Let us work together to transform your service fleet into a powerhouse of efficiency!

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