Enclosed lube trucks and lube equipment body on Kenworth chassis

Enclosed Lube Truck Body

Enclosed Lube Truck Body

You can maximize equipment uptime by performing routine services in the field with a Summit Enclosed Lube truck body.

We understand preventative maintenance is crucial to ensuring your equipment works and saves time and money on repair costs.

That is why we help you choose a medium to heavy-duty chassis and the lube systems you need.

Plus, the enclosed lube truck body protects field technicians and equipment from harsh environments.


You'll see our attention to detail in our high-quality, durable enclosed lube truck van bodies.

We'll add the lube systems and equipment to meet your unique needs.

You can work efficiently, protected from harsh weather environments while meeting safety regulations.

The required DOT lighting, plus LED S/T/T, backup, compartment, and interior lights, are included.

enclosed lube truck body box van
elclosed lube van reel rack exterior
work bench installed in your enclosed lube truck body
summit truck van body or enclosed lube truck body
elclosed lube van reel rack exterior

Enclosed Lube Bodies

Common Applications

An enclosed lube truck is for any company with a large fleet of equipment to repair, such as a construction company or equipment dealer with customer service agreements. In addition, equipment repair companies can also offer preventative maintenance to their customers. Learn more about the advantages of using a lube truck to perform maintenance in the field.


  • Body

    • Insulated van body with required DOT lighting
    • 14” rear bumper with fold-down step and walk platform
    • Underbody boxes for storage
    • The rear reel and pump rack are installed inside the rear cargo area of the van body. 
      • Product reels on the reel rack with fairleads facing rearward for easy access
      • Grease gun rack
      • Nozzle holder 
      • System operation switches mounted in the weatherproof control box
    • A hydraulic system control valve is installed inside the van under the catwalk.
    • Interior shelving at the front of the body and along the sides of the tanks
      • Includes bungee cargo netting to secure cargo
  • Paint & Protective Coatings

    • The three-step paint process gives the body a high-quality image and durability. 
      • Phosphate wash, epoxy primer, and topcoat
      • Five-year warranty against rust and corrosion
      • Endless color options 
    • Line-X Ultimate Linings protective coating applied to the cargo area, rear bumper, and the entire length of the bottom edge of the body provides long-lasting protection from harsh elements.
    • Rubberized undercoating applied to the entire underside of the body optimizes durability.
  • Electrical and Light Package

    • LED Exterior Light Package 
      • Grommeted and flush-mounted
      • Front and rear marker lights
      • Oval stop/tail/turn lights on the rear bumper and headache rack
      • Reverse lights on the rear bumper with a backup alarm
    • LED Rectangle work lights 
    • LED compartment strip lights
    • Amber Strobe lights
    • Control lights using the main control panel or in-cab switches
    • The master control panel is mounted on the reel rack accessible from the van exterior.
  • Tool Boxes

    • Summit designed and manufactured drawer packs
    • .125” aluminum construction
    • Heavy-duty 600 lbs. slides fully extend
    • Lock-in & lock-out slides
    • Easily removable drawers
    • Lock-in drawer dividers are standard. Egg crating is optional. 
    • Lockable single-action handle assembly.
    • Drawer depths of  3”, 5”, 7” 
    • Custom widths from 12”-50”
    • Custom riser heights
    • An integrated top shelf with dividers helps to maximize storage space.
    • Optional slide-out work tray
    • Wrap or paint options add color & durability.
    • Cycle, load, shock, impact damage, incline, and vibration tested.
  • Hydraulic System

    • A heavy-duty PTO-mounted variable displacement hydraulic pump with a load-sensing control allows flow regulation to suit application requirements. 
    • Hydraulic reservoir
      • Designed for flooded suction operation
      • 2.5” 150-micron mesh strainer with gate valve shut off
      • 6-micron return filter with filter change valves
      • The reservoir is filled with ISO 46 hydraulic oil with cold climate low viscosity oil available.
      • System control on the master control panel with an in-cab shut-off switch
lube van poly tanks

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