summit man bucket truck on chevy silverado service truck

Man-bucket Platform Truck

man bucket truck

Adding our man bucket to your crane will increase the versatility of your service truck.

Having it will help one technician efficiently get a two-person job done safely.

Although you can store it in your cargo area, having the custom service body with a man-bucket storage platform gives you easier access to the bucket and attachments.


Summit truck bodies are engineered for strength and durability, built with premium materials and quality manufacturing.

A built-in storage platform and increased compartment storage for attachments and other required accessories are available.

A bumper with a side step and grab handles provides safe and easy access to the cargo area.

ASE integrated operating system for the safe and efficient control of crane, body, and chassis functions include man-bucket operation mode.

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Ring Power Caterpillar custom 9-Series man bucket truck
man bucket truck custom side step bumper
summit ASE cranes controls system with LMI data
Summit Service truck with man bucket attachements

Man Bucket

Common Applications

A man-bucket truck is a good option for equipment dealers, rental companies, owner-operators, oil & gas, energy and utility industry workers, and municipalities. Any company that requires service technicians to work high off the ground will benefit from the man bucket platform.


  • Standard Body

    • 10 ga. or 12 ga galvannealed steel body construction
    • 1/8” aluminum bolt-on doors with an internal frame
    • Full-length piano-style aluminum hinges
    • Automotive-style bulb weather stripping 
    • Ergonomic three-point compression door latches keep compartments sealed tight.
    • Aluminum drip rail above compartment doors 
    • 3/16” diamond tread plate floor in the cargo area to reduce the risk of slips and falls. 
    • Swivel D-ring tie-downs flush-mounted on the cargo area walls: Qty 6
      • 6,000 lbs. Capacity
    • A fully integrated crane support structure 
    • 30″ tool bumper with a side step and grab handles gives you safe access to the cargo area. 
      • 2.5” 18,000 lbs automotive-style receiver hitch
    • Infinitely adjustable compartment shelves with dividers
    • Bright polished knurled grab handle mounted on the rear of the DS side pack. 
    • 12” H aluminum slam style lockable tailgate
    • Torch bottle storage compartment 
      • Vented and reinforced floor 
      • Torch bottle retainer with ratchet straps
    • Reinforced welder riser mounting blocks on top of DS sidepack
    • Safety placards and decals
  • Paint & Protective Coatings

    • The three-step paint process gives the body a high-quality image and durability. 
      • Phosphate wash,  epoxy primer, and topcoat.
      • Five-year warranty against rust and corrosion
      • Endless color options 
    • Line-X protective coating applied to the cargo area, rear bumper, side pack front, top, rear, and the entire length of the bottom edge of the body provides long-lasting protection from harsh elements.
    • Rubberized undercoating applied to the entire underside of the body optimizes durability.
  • Electrical & Light Package

    • LED Light Package 
      • Grommeted and flush-mounted
      • Front and rear marker lights
      • Oval stop/tail/turn lights on the rear bumper and headache rack
      • Reverse lights on the rear bumper with a backup alarm
    • LED Rectangle work lights 
    • LED compartment strip lights
    • Control lights from the ASE main control panel, chassis cab panel, and crane remote
    • Control lights from control panels in the rear crane compartment and cab.
      • Push-button panel to controls for crane, outriggers, and 12V body accessories, including lights
  • Tool Boxes

    • Summit designed and manufactured drawer packs.
    • .125” aluminum construction
    • Heavy-duty 600 lbs. slides fully extended.
    • Lock-in & lock-out slides.
    • Removable drawers.
    • Lock-in drawer dividers are standard, with optional egg crating.
    • Lockable single-action handle assembly.
    • Drawer depths of  3”, 5”, 7” 
    • Custom widths from 12”-50”.
    • Custom riser heights.
    • An integrated top shelf with dividers.
    • Optional slide-out work tray.
    • Wrap or powder coat options add color & durability.
    • Cycle, load, shock, impact damage, incline, and vibration tested.
  • Hydraulic System

    • Open center fixed displacement gear pump.
    • PTO mounted to the transmission.
    • 26 or 32 gal hydraulic reservoir
  • Air Compressor Systems

    • Hydraulic-driven reciprocating or rotary screw air compressor
    • 40 CFM free air output at 100 psi
    • 175 psi max output (reciprocating)
    • 150 psi max output (rotary screw)  
    • Hannay ½” x 50’ HD spring rewind hose reel 
      • 50’ air hose terminated with ½” male NPT hose end
      • The payout door on the rear of the side pack
    • ASME underbody air receiver
      • 15 gal air storage tank
      • Mechanical air tank moisture drain
    • Norgren  ½” Filter/Lubricator/Regulator

ASE Crane System

Our innovative Advanced Safety Electronics (ASE) Phase 4 control system has elevated jobsite safety and performance.

We’ve combined crane, body, and chassis operations with functional safety using a network of switches and sensors to communicate data. Advanced Safety Electronics reduces the risks of working in hazardous conditions, takes the guesswork out of crane operation with automated protection features, and gives you information to make safe decisions. Based on the robust J1939 Protocol, we can incorporate the telematics data into your fleet management solution.

  • Increase OSHA Dart Rate and ROI
  • Operate and monitor the crane, outriggers, engine, PTO, air compressor, hydraulics, and lights.
  • Built-in safety features protect against jobsite hazards and ensure safe crane operation.
  • Operate and monitor the crane, outriggers, engine, PTO, air compressor, hydraulics, and lights.
  • Three control points: main control in the rear compartment, cab control panel, and wireless remote control
    It prevents crane functionality under unsafe operating conditions
  • Digital displays of real-time load moment indicator (LMI) data on the main panel and remote control.
  • Display alerts in easy-to-read text: e.g., oil temp, outriggers successfully deployed, crane overload, etc.
  • Standard on all hydraulic crane service trucks.

Visit the ASE page to learn more.

Summit crane control panel - cut out crane control screen

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