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Summit Truck Bodies offer custom forestry truck bodies that assist logging and timber companies in keeping their equipment fleet in proper working order.

Forestry and logging companies require specialized equipment used on backwoods job sites.  As a result, they need field technicians with reliable and functional service trucks to ensure their equipment is operating.

A service truck body built for the forestry and logging industry will withstand remote and dangerous work sites. 

To be efficient, field mechanics need a service truck carrying tools, parts, and equipment they need out to remote logging sites. A combination lube and service truck body on a heavy-duty chassis is a popular option. To get their work done safely, we incorporate custom features that make their jobs easier and safer.

The Process

Forestry truck bodies are a vital investment that can save time and money. Therefore, our sales reps will work closely with you throughout the buying process to ensure you get exactly what you need.

First, you will select the proper chassis, body, crane, and accessories required for your application. Next, your sales rep will provide a quote and details about your service or lube truck. At this point, we can also look at loan and lease options with our finance company.

After approving the quote, you receive 2D drawings and 3D graphics to sign off on before we create a work order. Once the work order is submitted, your new service or lube truck goes into production.

When your truck gets through production, you can come to pick it up at the factory, or we can arrange shipment.

We also keep service trucks in stock when you need a work-ready solution fast.

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Let’s work together

We have many accessories and options to ensure your forestry truck bodies are well-equipped, organized, and safe. Talk to your sales rep about how our custom forestry & logging Summit trucks will improve productivity and optimize equipment uptime.

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