Custom Service Trucks: How to Build the Ultimate Work Truck

The right tools and equipment are essential to thrive in the field service industry. And when it comes to mobile service, nothing beats a well-equipped custom service truck. But building the ultimate mobile workshop is no small feat. There are countless factors, from selecting the right vehicle and body to upfitting it with all the necessary tools and amenities. Fortunately, we are here to help. As experts in custom service truck design and manufacturing, we have assisted countless businesses in creating the ultimate work truck tailored to their unique needs. So, if you want to upgrade your service truck, you’ve come to the right place. This guide has tips and insights to help you create a custom truck that meets all your needs.

Benefits of a Custom Service Truck

A custom service truck provides many benefits for businesses needing a mobile workspace. It allows you to take your services wherever your customers are, whether on-site at a construction site, in a mine, or on a farm. With the right truck, you can bring all the tools and equipment necessary to provide superior service.
Custom service trucks offer convenience, demonstrate professionalism, and show your commitment to delivering quality services. With customized branding and signage, the truck is a mobile billboard that effectively promotes your business and offerings. Finally, a custom service truck can also improve efficiency and safety.

Evaluate Your Needs for a Mobile Work Truck

It’s essential to assess your needs to ensure your custom service truck fits your business perfectly. Consider the type of work you will perform and the equipment required to complete the job. Make sure your vehicle is equipped with all the requirements to meet safety regulations and industry standards. Additionally, prioritize your needs for an efficient and comfortable workspace, including lighting, air conditioning, heating, and storage solutions, to keep you organized. By thoroughly evaluating your needs, you can select the body model and design a custom service truck that meets all your requirements and sets you up for success.

Select the Right Chassis Cab

Once you’ve assessed your needs for a mobile workspace, it’s time to choose the right vehicle for your custom service truck. A few factors to consider when selecting a chassis include size, weight, and fuel efficiency. First, consider the vehicle size needed to accommodate your equipment, tools, and workspace. While larger vehicles may provide more space, they can be harder to maneuver and require special licensing or permits. On the other hand, smaller vehicles may be more maneuverable but need more space for all your tools and parts.
Next, consider the vehicle’s GVWR and the equipment you’ll be carrying. You’ll want to ensure your vehicle is rated to handle the weight of your equipment and that you’re not exceeding any limits. Finally, consider fuel efficiency. While larger vehicles may provide more space, they may also be less fuel-efficient, adding significant costs over time. Look for a truck that balances size and fuel efficiency.

Tools & Equipment for Your Custom Service Truck

A convenient and well-organized setup for your tools and equipment is essential to working efficiently out of your mobile workspace. Depending on the services you plan to offer, you may require a crane, welder, lube systems, power tools, diagnostic equipment, and other specialized tools. To ensure satisfaction and longevity, prioritize quality and durability when making your selection. Furthermore, reputable brands that can withstand daily wear and tear are recommended. Additionally, consider investing in higher-end equipment that will last longer and perform better. Look at your options for storage and organization. You can get custom tool drawer packs, bolt bins, specialized shelving, rack, and hooks. The possibilities are endless, and this important detail can make your work easier. Again, consider the limitations of your workspace to avoid any crowding and cluttering in the area. Finally, be sure you can secure your equipment, tools, and parts to prevent shifting during transport. Read our tips and learn about our storage solutions available to help keep your service truck organized.

Add Safety & Security Features

Consider enhancing the safety and security of your mobile workshop by incorporating various features. Installing GPS tracking, cameras, and alarms can protect your equipment and ensure safety. To prevent theft, side-pack gang locks are a popular option.
Complying with relevant safety regulations such as OSHA and MSHA is vital. However, installing cameras, alarms, and safety lighting can mitigate risks when operating the service truck on job sites. Facilitating safe access to tools and equipment in the cargo area, consider built-in features like grab handles and steps that allow for three-point contact to prevent slips and falls. Remember essential safety tools such as cones, warning triangles, flags, lighting, and reflective gear, as they significantly enhance visibility and alert oncoming traffic to your presence.
At Summit, we provide a range of service truck options designed to prioritize your safety. Our innovative crane operating system minimizes risks associated with crane operation and is standard on all service trucks with hydraulic cranes. Our Advanced Safety Electronic (ASE) system gives you access to vital information, enabling you to make informed decisions about load handling and complete your work safely. Many other safety and convenience ASE features exist, but we’ll leave that to another story. Learn the basics of telescopic cranes in the field service industry.

Customize the Exterior

When designing and customizing your work truck, you must showcase your brand with confidence and professionalism. Start by selecting a color scheme that reflects your business and stands out on the road. Adding a vinyl wrap can also promote your services and increase visibility. Enhance your truck’s appearance and functionality with features like enhanced lighting or a unique graphic design. It’s crucial to clean and maintain your truck often. This ensures equipment and amenities work well. Your service truck represents your brand on the road, so keep it professional.

Maintenance and Upkeep of Your Work Truck

Regular inspections of your custom service truck are crucial for ensuring safe and efficient operation. Performing routine maintenance tasks such as oil changes, tire rotations, and specialized maintenance procedures for your tools, crane, and equipment is imperative. Follow the equipment manufacturer’s guidelines for inspections and routine care. And keep a maintenance log to help you stay on track with PM tasks. Meanwhile, maintain a clean and organized work environment that will leave a positive impression on clients. Be sure to keep an ample supply of parts on hand, take inventory of your tools, and always be prepared for the job.

The Value of a Custom Service Truck

To sum up, creating the perfect custom service truck is crucial for carrying out field service tasks effectively. And we are here to help you every step of the way. A regional sales rep will help you design a work truck that is efficient and safe while setting you apart from the competition. We can guide you in assessing your needs, choosing the proper body and chassis, and then selecting the necessary tools and equipment. Plus, we will work with you to get custom graphics or financing if you need it. On top of that, with a custom Summit Service truck, you get the best customer support in the industry.   And if you are looking into getting a lube truck, we can help with that too!

By following these tips, you can create a tailored service truck that will take your business to the next level. With a well-designed and fully-equipped mobile work truck, you can travel with confidence and provide exceptional service anywhere you go.