Summit Builds Milestone Service Truck STE-10000

Wathena, KS (July 22, 2021) — At Summit, we give all our truck bodies an STE number to use as an identifier. Recently, we reached the milestone of STE10000. We recognized this by taking a company photo with the truck. The entire Summit team received a t-shirt with a commemorative Summit logo and the words “Together We Can Move Mountains.” We chose this slogan to show gratitude to all the hard-working men and women who helped get here and continue supporting the company’s growth. Many employees have taken the occasion to reflect on how Summit has progressed throughout the years.
“It is a great accomplishment for a custom truck body manufacturer. Jim Harris, Engineering Manager, commented,

“from the early years to today shows the evolution in our truck bodies; continuous build improvement has come hand in hand with innovative truck features better suited for diverse industries. The experience we have at Summit means that with over 10,000 trucks, we have seen things and learned lessons, so the next 10,000 trucks will be even better.”

STE10000 is a Summit 9 Series service body mounted on a 21 Freightliner M2. This custom engineered 13 1/2′ body has a 30″ side step bumper and an integrated storage platform. The platform is designed for the man-bucket attachment that can easily be attached to the 10620 hydraulic crane as needed. It includes many additional features, including tool storage, gang locks, and upgraded lighting and electrical.

Ring Power Corp, a Caterpillar dealer, purchased this truck and received it last April. Summit Truck Equipment’s Southeast Regional Sales Rep Dennis Weiler said, “Ring Power was most pleased to take delivery of this milestone unit at a brief ceremony at their home office in Saint Augustine, FL. With over 200 Summit bodies currently in operations within their fleet, this is a welcome addition.” STE10000 was assigned to field technician Brady Bond at their Palm Bay, FL location. He was proud of the significance of the truck and was happy to set it up as his workstation.

In retrospect, Dan DeAces, STE National Sales Manager, recounted,
“Working closely with Ring Power’s HE division over the years, we’ve dialed in both functionality and usability. Working closely with Ring Power’s HE division over the years, we’ve dialed in both functionality and usability. On this build, you can see that we’ve also enhanced operator safety—the man-bucket option with a portable electric winch to the side access bumper with safety yellow grab handles.”

Ring Power has played a role in Summit’s growth. We look forward to continuing to strengthen our partnership with them. Meanwhile, all of us on the Summit team will keep building the industry’s best service trucks.