Summit Lube Skids at Conexpo Designed to Improve Efficiency

Summit will display new lube skid designs at the Work Truck Show and Conexpo/Con-Agg. The Work Truck Show is taking place in Indianapolis from March 8th – 10th; you will find an aluminum 30/30 lube skid on the show floor.  You can see it installed inside a commercial van upfit at CONEXPO in Las Vegas. The Summit booth will also have a quad 60 enclosed lubrication skid. Learn the benefits of lube skids and other lube equipment in our guide.

30/30 Lube Skid

The aluminum construction skid has two 30 gal tanks; one is set up for new oil, and the other is a waste oil tank. The pumps on both systems are made by Graco and powered by a 12V LiFePO4, which is more energy-efficient than hydraulic or pneumatic systems. Electric-powered lubrication systems have several other benefits over hydraulic or pneumatic systems.  They have fewer moving parts and require less maintenance. And eliminate the need for hydraulic fluid, which can leak and require frequent replacement.  Plus, the electric power lube skid operates more quietly than hydraulic or pneumatic systems reducing noise pollution on the jobsite.  They are a more efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly solution for lubrication systems, resulting in cost savings and improved performance. 

In addition, we’ve incorporated a used oil filter bin to help reduce the risk of spills. And the high-quality hose reels are mounted on top to make them easily accessible. You can download the detailed specification of this particular lube skid below.

Quad 60 Enclosed Skid

Summit will also display a Quad 60 skid with fully enclosed lube systems at Conexpo/Con-Aagg. This enclosed skid reduces the risk of wear and tear caused by exposure to harsh work environments. This helps to extend the lifespan and reliability of the components, such as reels, pumps, and nozzles, ensuring you can depend on them to perform on the jobsite as intended. It features four air-operated lube systems, three 60 gal tanks for new oil, and one 60 gal waster oil system. You will find four Hannay Reels, three metered nozzles, and a waste oil suction wand inside the reel box. There is a box for used oil filters as well. Download the PDF below for detailed specifications. Visit our lube skid page to learn about customizing a lube skid for your application.