Summit’s Conexpo Line-up Includes a Custom Service Van Upfit

As more businesses look to provide on-site or mobile services to customers, there has been a growing demand for vehicles to be converted into service trucks and mobile workstations. This includes increased demand for commercial vans because they are an ideal platform for this type of work, as they offer a good balance of size, maneuverability, and versatility. Plus, not all service and repair work requires a medium-heavy-duty service truck. To better meet the needs of our customers, Summit is offering commercial van upfits. In March, we will display an upfitted Ford Transit Connect at the CONEXPO-CON-AGG show. This van is upfitted for light service and maintenance work and will have an aluminum electric lube skid, shelving, and a workstation.
We installed a battery-powered lube skid because they don’t produce harmful emissions or require flammable fuels. This can reduce the risk of accidents or injuries on the job site. This electric lube skid features two systems powered by a 12V 100AH LiFePO4 battery. The reels and nozzle are mounted on top. There is a small bin to store and drain used oil filters to avoid spills and contamination.
We added a workstation to this commercial upfit. This workstation includes our lightweight drawer packs and bolt bin. There is a rack specifically designed for the Milwaukee pack-out system. And a Ranger Design shelving system keeps parts and other supplies organized.

Top Five Reasons to Consider a Van Upfit

Is a commercial upfit the right solution for you? Consider these advantages if you are on the fence about adding one to your service fleet.

1. Cargo capacity: Commercial vans typically have a large cargo area, which makes them ideal for carrying tools, equipment, and supplies. This means service technicians can carry all the necessary tools and parts to perform their jobs without making multiple trips.
2. Accessibility: Commercial vans’ large, sliding side doors provide easy access to the cargo area so service technicians can load and unload equipment and supplies. Additionally, the high roof of the van allows for taller items to be stored inside, maximizing the use of space.
3. Maneuverability: Commercial vans are often smaller and more maneuverable than larger trucks, making them ideal for navigating city streets and tight parking spaces. This can save time and increase productivity, especially in urban areas where parking and traffic can be challenging.
4. Cost-effective: Commercial vans are more affordable than larger trucks or specialized service vehicles. They also tend to have better fuel efficiency, saving money on fuel costs over time.
5. Branding: Commercial vans can be wrapped or painted with the company’s logo and contact information, turning them into a mobile advertising tool that can help promote the company’s services while on the road.

In a nutshell, a van upfit is a versatile solution and offers many advantages for businesses that maintain and service equipment. Talk to your sales rep to learn more about how we can upfit a commercial van to help improve productivity, provide convenience, promote organization, and project a professional image to your customers.