Summit’s Gunnison Edition is the Ultimate Off-road Service Truck

This year we will bring a 6500 Gunnison Edition to our booth to captivate Conexpo/Con-Agg show attendees. At first glance, you see the attractive,  aggressive, and robust appearance. The rugged wheels and tires and the sleek Chevy 6500 4×4’s lifted stance create an intimidating and powerful presence that commands attention on and off the road. The overall aesthetic is a perfect blend of form and function when paired with the durable and custom Summit truck body.  As a result, we’ve built the ultimate off-road service truck that is not only a joy to look at but also able to get the job done in style.

Form Meets Function

Let’s discuss the form and function of Summit’s off-road service truck, the Gunnison Edition. It looks impressive, performs well, and can handle the demands of some of the most treacherous job sites anywhere. The form and function are balanced, creating a visually appealing and efficient service truck. Regarding performance, this Summit service truck has a robust and durable body, a powerful and reliable chassis, heavy-duty suspension systems, and high-traction tires that provide superior handling and stability in various driving conditions.

The advantages of owning a Summit distinguish our off-road service truck from the competition. The Summit body is manufactured with high-quality materials and designed to be exceptionally durable and resistant to damage. This makes it a long-lasting investment that will provide reliable performance for many years. It is well-suited for use in rugged environments such as mining sites, where the vehicle may be exposed to heavy loads, rough terrain, and harsh weather conditions.

The body has a modular design, meaning we can customize the configuration of the compartments to meet your needs. If you need your welding compartment or tools storage set up for a specific type of work, we can do that. To maximize efficiency and functionality, we ensure the body has well-organized compartments and cargo areas so technicians can quickly access the necessary tools and equipment.

Functional Safety

Plus, Summit service trucks are designed with safety in mind. They include built-in features such as grab handles, non-slip surfaces, reflectors, and lighting to prevent accidents and improve visibility.

Moreover, we integrated our innovative Advanced Safety Electronics (ASE) control system into the crane, body, and chassis. It is a comprehensive safety solution that ensures safe crane operation. ASE minimizes the risk of accidents or injuries when working in dangerous job sites. And critical for safeguarding personnel, equipment, and surroundings.

We have also programmed crane capacity and zone charts that work in conjunction with system switches and sensors to monitor crane movement and provide load moment indicator (LMI) data. The LMI data is displayed digitally, providing technicians with crucial information for informed load-handling decisions. Our easy-to-use system boasts three user interfaces: the wireless remote, the main panel, and the cab panel. Each interface can perform a range of functions, including crane and outrigger operation and lighting control. These interfaces also feature visual and audible system notification alerts. This multi-interface approach is an incredibly convenient and practical solution that maximizes safety and efficiency, making it easier for everyone to operate the crane system with confidence.

High-quality manufacturing, built-in safety features, and functionality help technicians complete jobs more efficiently and effectively. Productivity and customer satisfaction improve as Jobs are completed more quickly and to a higher standard.

The Gunnison Package

The Chevy 6500 Gunnison Edition package includes a lift, Hutchinson wheels, and Continental MPT81 tires to improve off-road capability and enhance performance. The 2.5″ leaf spring lift increases ground clearance to easily navigate rocks, roots, and other obstacles. The Hutchinson forged aluminum wheels provide strength, durability, and style.  The internal double bead locks offer additional security, preventing tire bead separation, an essential when driving on challenging terrain. The Continental MPT81 tires designed for both on and off-road environments have unparalleled traction, stability, and control.  The reinforced sidewall provides exceptional protection against cuts, punctures, and other types of damage. They are also highly durable and can handle heavy loads.

We know these upgraded tires and wheels can affect the speedometer’s accuracy, leading to potential issues with speed monitoring, fuel efficiency, and even safety. This is why speedometer calibration is an important step in building this service truck.

A Summit Gunnison also has a custom front bumper, front fender extensions, and cab steps to improve durability. The custom steps also make it easier to access the cab.  All three have a heavy-duty rugged design and a coating with Line-X Ultimate Coatings to enhance durability.

Conexpo Specs

Equally important, the off-road service truck is fully loaded for Conexpo. We mounted a Summit 7529 hydraulic crane on this body, boasting a 7.5K capacity at 6ft. As mentioned,  our ASE Phase 4 control system is standard on all trucks with hydraulic cranes. The passenger side transverse compartment stores the Miller Electric Bobcat 200 Airpak Diesel. There is also a custom reel storage rack with welding rod holders. The enhanced lighting includes RIGID’s ground lights,  D Series fog lamps, and 115-degree scene lights. Our new combination drawer pack designed to accommodate various size tools is in the driver’s side first compartment. We also installed a rack to hold tools and accessories from the popular Milwaukee Packout system. For more detailed info, download the build specs below.

This truck has a custom wrap designed and installed by our sister company, Yellow Frog Graphics. BAM Heavy Equipment Repair’s signature matte black design helped draw attention to the truck on the show floor.