We’re Charged Up to Show This Electrified Truck Body at Conexpo 2023!

Rugged and Sleek

Introducing the Summit 7 Series electrified truck body. It is a rugged and sleek powerhouse in the world of service trucks. Its 12 gauge galvannealed construction and aluminum bonded doors with full-length piano-style hinges make it durable. The body has three-point compression door latches and gang locks, providing secure and easy access to your tools and equipment. A 30-inch top-opening bumper, and built-in grip strut steps, keep the VanAir EPEQ Eliment system neatly stored. The cargo area includes tie-down rings and E-track to keep everything secure during transport.

Moreover, the paint and finish of the Summit 7 Series truck body are of exceptional quality. We prioritize durability through our three-step paint process and a Line-X protective coating applied in critical areas. The electrical and lighting features of this truck body are truly remarkable. The flush-mounted LED S/S/T light package meets requirements and adds a stylish touch. The LED compartment work lights provide ample illumination exactly where needed. The Whelen Justice lightbar and Wigwags light system enhance visibility and ensure heightened safety.

Discover the Versatility

Inside, you’ll find the Summit Drawer Systems, which include a new aluminum combo drawer pack and an aluminum drawer pack with a slide-out work tray. These systems offer ample storage space for your tools and equipment. The Torch Storage Compartment is a standout feature of our 7 Series body. It has a reinforced floor, upper and lower vents, and a torch bottle retainer with a ratchet strap. You’ll also appreciate three adj. shelves in the rear section. Plus, the Lincoln welder adds flexibility. Furthermore, the Summit Model 4416 Journeyman 12 V Electric/Hydraulic Crane with a maximum capacity of 4,000 lbs simplifies load lifting and handling. The Lube Skid with three 40 gal new oil systems, one 80 gals used oil transfer system, and Graco EM8 metered nozzle make oil changes a breeze.

The 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 6500HD 4×4 chassis boasts a Duramax 6.6L Turbo-Diesel V8 engine and an Allison 2700 Rugged Duty Series 6-speed auto trans. It can handle any job on any terrain; with a GVWR of 22,500 lbs., you can trust it to get you where you need to go and carry everything you need.

Vanair’s Electrified Power Equipment®

Vanair’s EPEQ Air20 and EPEQ INVERTER6000, which provide 120/240VAC power and the ability to jump-start at 12/24V, are game changers. Vanair EPEQ products on this truck allow for efficient and reliable power to the electric hydraulic crane and lube skid. Equipped with the Vanair ELiMENT™ LiFePO4 batteries, the system boasts a capacity of 100Ah and 48V to sustain power. The EPEQ™ INVERTER6000 is a versatile power source with 120/240V AC needed in various applications. In short, these products offer a high-performance power solution for the truck body, enabling it to tackle multiple tasks efficiently.

Efficient and Reliable Choice

In summary, the Summit 7 Series electrified service body is a remarkable engineering, design, and functionality achievement. Its impressive array of features, capabilities, and robust construction make it an efficient and reliable choice. This truck is equipped to handle various tasks with enhanced lighting, powerful electrical systems, a Lincoln welder, and a 4416 electric crane. Furthermore, including the Vanair EPEQ Air20 and EPEQ INVERTER6000 ensures reliable and efficient power solutions. Overall, the Summit 7 Series electrified truck body is dependable and versatile.