Our Capabilities & Process

Summit Truck Bodies' 132,000 square foot production facility, centrally located in Wathena, Kansas, makes it convenient and cost-effective to ship anywhere in North America. Being vertically integrated helps us meet the demands for custom builds by manufacturing the highest quality products and providing the industry's best ongoing customer support. Each day the same craftsmen weld, paint, assemble and test every Summit body, ensuring quality work. We work to achieve the goal of consistent, long-lasting quality, and we do it better than anyone else.

Our in-house design process begins when you approve once you have made a purchase agreement. We use computer-aided 3D design software, adding the options and accessories you specify as part of your approval package. Once you approve the design, we create a work order and send your truck to the production floor.

Next in the fabrication process, operators load pre-programmed computer-aided fiber laser cutting machines with raw steel and aluminum. Then, we cut precision bends using press brakes for manufacturing proficiency.

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Our Products

We want to be your single-source solution for all your service and lube truck needs.

We manufacture custom service and lube truck bodies built to face the challenges of the field service industry. You dream it. We build it. 

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