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From fossil fuels such as coal to metals like zinc, copper, and iron to industrial minerals like limestone, potash, and other crushed rocks, the U.S. mining industry is a $74 billion industry./strong>

Extracting and processing fossil fuels takes specialized equipment. Heavy equipment is the lifeblood of the industry. Still, it also relies on medium- and heavy-duty mechanic trucks and crane trucks to keep the equipment running.

Summit Truck Bodies produces custom mining service trucks and accessories that assist mining operations to keep up with routine maintenance and repair of mining equipment and mechanisms. We know field mechanics have to consider safety while working in rugged environments, so we engineer and design our service truck bodies for optimal safety and performance.

The Process

A mining service truck is a vital investment, which why our sales reps will work closely with you throughout the buying process. We want to ensure you get exactly what you need.

First, you will select the right chassis, body, crane, and accessories required for your application. Your sales rep will then give you a quote and details about your service or lube truck. At this point, we can also look at loan and lease options with our finance company.

After approving the quote, you will receive 2D drawings and 3D graphics of your truck to approve before a work order is created and your new truck is sent to production.

Once your truck gets through production, you can come to pick it up at the factory or we can arrange shipment.

We also keep service trucks in stock when you need a work-ready service fast.

Learn about pricing.

We have many accessories and options to ensure your mining service truck is well equipped, organized, and safe. Talk to your sales rep about how how our custom service trucks will improve productivity and optimize equipment uptime.

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