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Welcome to Summit – your trusted partner in custom service and lube truck solutions.

Our mission is to create truck bodies that meet the demanding needs of field service work. We design and build our products to withstand any environment, ensuring that you have highly efficient and long-lasting equipment. With Summit, you can confidently tackle your work, knowing that you are supported by top-of-the-line equipment.

We specialize in custom solutions; whether you need a mechanics truck or a lube maintenance truck, we’ve got you covered.

We also manufacture service cranes, lube equipment, tool drawer packs, and bolt bins, making us your one-stop solution for field service equipment. We provide exceptional after-sales support to ensure that your Summit truck operates at peak performance throughout its lifecycle. At Summit, we partner with you to achieve success. Experience the difference with Summit today..

Our Capabilities & Process

Summit Truck Bodies operates a 132,000 square foot production facility in Wathena, Kansas. With this strategically located facility, we can efficiently and affordably ship anywhere in North America. Our vertically integrated approach enables us to fulfill the demand for custom builds by providing superior quality products and the industry's best ongoing customer support. Our skilled craftsmen work tirelessly daily to weld, paint, assemble, and test each body to ensure consistent, long-lasting quality.

The process of designing your truck begins after you have made a purchase agreement. We use computer-aided 3D design software to create a design for your truck, incorporating all the options and accessories specified in your approval package. Once you approve the design, we make a work order for the production floor and begin building your truck.

Operators load pre-programmed computer-aided fiber laser cutting machines with steel and aluminum, then make precision bends using press brakes for manufacturing proficiency.

In the welding phase, highly skilled welders and robotic stations ensure fast and precise manufacturing. A Quality Control Specialist inspects each weld before moving on to paint preparation.

Our team of experts is fully equipped to give your vehicle a fresh coat of paint and provide it with protective coatings to keep it in top condition. We'll start by thoroughly washing it with phosphate and then apply epoxy primer and topcoat using a three-step Akzo Nobel paint process. To ensure that your vehicle stays looking new for a long time, we'll also apply a Line-X and rubberized underbody coating to protect it from the elements.

Meanwhile, our mechanics are preparing the chassis and cab for action. They are installing the PTO and electrical components while also making modifications to the suspension.

Our team of highly skilled service and lube body technicians are experts at mounting bodies to the chassis using our advanced body mount system, which results in a product that is not only durable but also very strong. They also assemble and install cranes, electrical and hydraulic components, lube systems, and other accessories to ensure the product is fully functional and ready to use. Finally, our quality control team thoroughly inspects the finished product to make sure it meets our high-quality standards and customer specifications.

We take great care in ensuring that each truck leaves our factory spotless and safe. Our detailers leave no stone unturned as they clean top to bottom and install all necessary safety decals. Once that's done, it's over to the folks at Yellow Frog Graphics, who work their magic with custom-designed decals and wraps.

Let’s Work Together

Now that you’ve learned more about us, we want to hear from you. We are here to help you get the service truck you need. Contact your Regional Sales rep to get started.

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