Product Safety

A.S.E. – Advanced Safety Electronics.

As innovators in safety technology we are now on Phase 3 of our Advanced Safety Electronic (A.S.E) system which fully integrates crane safety and service truck operating systems. Summit’s system of switches and sensors allows crane operators to receive load data in real-time enabling them to make safe informed decisions on crane movement and load placement. Other features include giving technicians the ability to auto deploy and level outriggers, auto stow the crane and control the lights, air compressor, PTO and engine. We’ve brought jobsite safety and asset protection to a higher level!


  • Defines crane functionality under unsafe operating conditions protecting personal and assets
  • Benefits: Increased OSHA D.A.R.T Scores and increased R.O.I.
  • Displays LMI (Load Moment Indicator) in real-time
  • Displays alerts in plain text (IE -oil temp, outriggers not deployed, crane overload, Etc.)
  • Self diagnostic checks upon start up and during operation
  • Systems controls; made in America, military grade switches, solid state componentry and IP66 water & dust proof
  • J1939 based communication
  • Standard on all hydraulic crane service trucks.

A.S.E. –  Main Control Panel (rear of truck)

  • Easy to use and read digital graphic display panel.
  • Start/stop truck engine
  • Engage PTO
  • Engage Compressor
  • Auto outrigger deployment and truck leveling
  • Auto stow crane
  • PTO hour meter display
  • Auto decreases crane rotate speed when heavy loads are detected
  • All lights -one button activates every light on the body including compartment lights
  • Individual light activation
  • Novice mode setting – training feature
  • Up to five (5) auxiliary functions available
  • Geo-fence functionality
  • Coded access to time and date stamped overload events and warnings

A.S.E.  – Mini Control Panel (in-cab)

  • PTO control
  • Lighting control
  • System alerts -indicated by flashing panel
  • Wireless remote missing -indicated by flashing panel
  • Programmable auxiliary switches eliminates need for chassis upfitter switches

A.S.E.  – Wireless Remote Control

  • Small lightweight design
  • Three handling options: Pistol grip / Belt clip / Shoulder harness
  • Fully proportional joysticks with built in detents assist in guiding crane controls
  • Safety drop accelerometer deactivates crane controls when a fall is detected
  • Programmable “time-out” feature deactivates controls when not in use for selected period of time
  • Digital display monitor communicates diagnostics, LMI (Load Moment Indicator) data and alerts in real-time
  • Start/stop truck engine control
  • Start/stop air compressor & increase idle switch
  • Auxiliary switch
  • Battery life indicator displayed
  • Four (4) AA alkaline battery powered
  • Robust magnet