2021 Summit Truck Bodies 4 Series

2021 Summit Truck Bodies 4 Series

SKU: LW20028

  • Body Year/Model: 2021 Summit Truck Bodies 4 Series
    • Crane Model: No Crane
    • Rear Bumper Type: 6″ bolt-on rear bumper
    • Bumper Options: 7 Wire Trailer Plug
    • Lighting & Electrical Options: Compartment Light LED;Standard LED Rect. Work Light
    • Work Light Location: Rear of body, rear facing lights
    • Standard Accesories: Backup Sensor;Back-up Alarm;Compartment Shelves w/dividers;5 lbs Fire Extinguisher;3 Pk. Warning Triangles
    • Condition: New
  • Body Only: Requires Ford F-350 or Ram 3500 single rear wheel chassis cab with straight and flat frame rails. This body will not fit on a chassis manufactured for a pickup box.

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